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Cause & Effect Diagram with the Addition of Cards - is an effective intervention whenever there appears to be a clear desire and need to:

Identify root causes of process-related quality and related performance problems.

Engage the workforce in helping to identify these problems and propose effective counter-measures.

Capture the expertise of highly experienced personnel in a manner that produces standardized methods and consistent practices that less-experienced personnel can follow.

Teambuilding & Participation

The purpose of the
CEDAC system is to reduce the number of process defects through continuous improvements by enabling people to make use of their accumulated knowledge and experience. The system is a tool to register and overcome defects, shortcomings, problems, and suggestions found in production by involving the employees in solving the problems.

CEDAC distinguishes itself in the broad array of problem-solving methods in that it is a participatory problem-solving tool, rather than a delegated problem-solving method. CEDAC is often the most appropriate tool to bridge some of the performance, communication, and quality gaps a company is experiencing.

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