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EQUIPMENT TASK ANALYSIS (ETA)™ is a customized, on-site, two-day workshop on how to break down a process into manageable units of work and instruction. Cross-functional teams learn practical methods for organizing and structuring company-specific process and equipment information. 

Teams work on analyzing their specific work processes and developing best practice solutions. The ETA process teaches team members how to target and prioritize training needs, and how to develop company-specific operations standards, training manuals, and other support material. 

Qualified team members can also be certified as site-specific ETA leaders, allowing them to start new ETA teams and expand the ETA involvement.

Hundreds of employees have been trained in the ETA process and scores of ETA teams have been established to drive continuous improvement and employee involvement.

OJT Trainer™
A capstone piece of the ETA process, the OJT Trainer program teaches qualified individuals how to become effective on-the-job trainers. 

This seminar is a customized, on-site, one-day session to prepare team members in their role as on-the-job team trainers. Among other things, participants learn how to: apply our two-step OJT process, conduct task signoffs, provide feedback, and use the right materials to train peers.

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