We use a proprietary human performance technology (HPT) model called the "Performance Wheel" -- our trademark, validated model that has been in use for nearly twenty years. This model serves as the basis for producing tangible and sustainable results. 

Selection Methods: process whereby candidates are screened and selected for employment (includes those candidates new to the job and those employees seeking transfer or promotion).
    Job Duties & Tasks: definitive listing of the tasks (discrete units of work), organized into related groups (duties), performed by individuals within a specific job classification or process area; includes job design and compensation.
    Task Performance Standards: measurable, observable criteria whereby an individual can determine if a specific task has been performed correctly.
    Training (Skills & Knowledge): process or system by which an individual acquires the ability to do something he or she was previously unable to do; can be formal or informal, structured or unstructured, facilitator-led or self-directed.
    Tools & References: items used by job incumbents to perform specific tasks; includes references, job aids, hardware, and other workplace "tools" that facilitate desired performance; can be used in lieu or in conjunction with training.
    Feedback & Inputs: processes, systems, or methods whereby performance information is conveyed to job incumbents individually and as a group; methods used to sustain employee involvement & empowerment; and mechanisms that support harvesting continuous improvement ideas.


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