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Task Data System (TDS) is a workgroup software package specifically designed to store and catalog task analysis data, including graphic images. Data is stored in a password-protected TDS Pro data file, and users can be given various levels of access, ranging from complete file administration to just browsing.

The TDS Pro application consists of three modules:

1) The
TDS Pro Data Entry module allows users to a) organize and input task analysis data in a structured, systematic manner; and b) automatically generate professional looking job aids, training manuals, operation standards, job safety analyses, and other pertinent "how to" information.

2) The
TDS Pro Progress Log module lets authorized users track personnel on-the-job task-training qualifications. You can track who has been trained, who has been qualified, and who has been re-qualified on job-specific assigned tasks.

3) The
TDS Pro Data Query is a Performance-Support module, allowing users to conduct real-time queries of process information contained in a data file. Users can quickly look up and print need-to-know "how to" information and related visual job aids linked to the task they are needing to perform.

Data Entry: fast, easy entry of task analysis data

Progress Log: tracking employee task certifications, progress.

Data Query: online performance support

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