We have been a leader in human performance technology (HPT) since 1986. We have assisted companies in the manufacturing, technology, and service industries, certifying them on our brand of human performance technology interventions and solutions using our proprietary "Performance Wheel" model.

One of the strengths of HPT is its systematic approach to getting the right solution -- or array of integrated solutions -- at the right time, to the right people, to solve problems and to provide measurable results.

Our expertise and processes will help you improve human capital investment through the application of human performance technology methods and tools.

Don't confuse us with others using our name. We are the original Performance Technology Group.

While You’re Here...

  1. Bullet See how our Performance Wheel model puts job performance front and center.

  2. Bullet Learn how to transform your people into self-sufficient process-improvers and effective trainers

  3. Bullet See how our Task Data System software makes it easy to manage task analysis and job certification data.

  4. Bullet Explore how Cause-and-Effect Diagrams with the Addition of Cards (CEDAC) can make your teams top-notch problem solvers.



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About HPT

The science of human performance technology (HPT) emerged more than 40 years ago. HPT addresses the need for a system to remedy the diverse performance-improvement situations within organizations.

HPT identifies ways to improve the work, worker, and workplace.